Make Sure Your Car Drives Properly

Make Sure Your Car Drives Properly

Bring it to a suspension repair shop in Kalamazoo, MI

The suspension system has a big impact on the performance of your vehicle. As it wears out, you'll notice your car starts pulling to one side and becomes difficult to steer. Bring your car to LV Auto Service Center when you need a vehicle suspension service. Our suspension repair shop in Kalamazoo, MI can repair and replace damaged parts to keep your suspension system in tiptop shape.

Our vehicle suspension service includes:

  • Repairing steering systems
  • Fixing wheel alignment issues
  • Replacing shocks, struts, CV joints and springs

Whether you have a front-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle, we'll make sure your car can stay on the road. Schedule suspension repair services by calling 269-382-6310 today.

Don't put off suspension repairs

The suspension system is an expensive part of your vehicle. It can be tempting to postpone repairs when your vehicle develops a problem. However, a faulty suspension system can make your vehicle more difficult to drive, increasing the chances of an accident. Damage can also get worse over time, leading to more expensive repairs or an entire suspension system replacement.

We can tell you what to expect and explain your options. Stop by our suspension repair shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan as soon as you notice a problem.