Keep Your Car Safe With Reliable Brakes

Keep Your Car Safe With Reliable Brakes

Arrange for a brake replacement service in Kalamazoo, MI by calling LV Auto Service Center

Brakes are one of the most important safety features in your car. Once they start wearing down, it can take you longer to stop. There's no reason to let faulty brakes cause an accident. Visit LV Auto Service Center for a full brake replacement service. Whether you have disc or drum brakes, we can replace everything from the pads to the calipers and rotors to keep your car safe to drive.

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Signs you need new brakes

Your brakes might be able to bring your car to a stop, but that doesn't mean they work properly. Since they wear down slowly, you might think your brakes are fine. Watch for these signs that you need a brake replacement service:

  • Your brakes make squealing or grinding noises
  • You feel wobbling or scraping when braking
  • The brake pedal feels "soft"

If your car has these issues or is leaking braking fluid, don't wait to schedule brake repairs. Call our brake repair shop at 269-382-6310 for an appointment.